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About us 

Hi my name is Ash I set up wheatbagsrus in 2013 when I realised the theraputic and pain relieving properties of wheat bags which werent available in my local shop or high street.

We are Manufacturers of quality Wheat bags, Our wheatbags are a natural drug free alternative to pain relief.

Our wheat and lavender filled products can be heated in the microwave or placed in the freezer compartment  to form a flexible, easy to use  comfort cushion

Safer than the conventional hot water bottles our wheat bags mould to the body, They are easily microwavable and safe as they do not leak water. They stay warm for around 1-2 hours.The cellular structure of wheat enables it to absorb heat or cold very quickly and release it slowly over a long period of time.

Our Fabrics are  specifically chosen from the world famous textile retailer SKOPOS of Batley. We only use SKOPOS specially designed permanantly fire retardant materials in our wheatbags. SKOPOS are the leading supplier  of furnishing  fabrics. SKOPOS have a massive range of quality fabrics and  superior cottons that allow us to source top quality fabrics for our products.




Our high quality French lavender is  sourced from one farm situated in Haute de Provence, CHATEAU DE LA GABELLE  famous for growing  lavender at high altitude . 

Chatteau de la gabelle lavender carries the

AOL marque (appellation  d' origine controllee marquee)

 and is regarded as the finest possible grade



Wheat bags - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the health uses for wheat bags?


Wheat bags offer a natural alternative to drugs for providing pain relief for arthritic pain, rheumatism, muscle pain, back pain, cramps, sciatica, menstrual cramps, and labour pain. bruising, headaches, migraines, aches and pains. Pulled Muscles, Tension, Stress, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Osteomyilitis, Chronic hip, back and side pain, Knee Joints, Trapped Nerves, Cramp, sports Injuries and Pregnancy related pain.  


Are there any other uses?

Yes – for keeping you warm! A much quicker and  safer  way to warm you up than turning your central heating up or making up a hot water bottle –  They are also beneficial for stress relief, comfort and for warming beds, cots and prams etc.

How do wheat bags work?

The heat produced stimulates the blood flow in the body, providing extra oxygen to muscles, which relaxes and eases spasms and relieves pain.  
Scientific test have revealed that applying gentle heat treatment to the body has been shown to increase the flexibility of ligaments and tendons, relax muscles  and  increase blood flow


Can they be used straight away?

        Yes  they can be used immediately although for best results  it is best to heat the wheat bag 2 or 3 times first in order to dispel any excess moisture which has been absorbed by the wheat. Once this has been done, the wheat bag will hold its  heat longer.


How long do thet stay warm?

This depends on the style – the larger and heavier the wheat bag, the longer the heating time. Generally,  to heat the bag it will be between 1-2 minutes. All instructions are provided.

How long does the heat last?

Once any initial moisture has been dispelled from the wheat, it will hold the heat for at least an hour, after which it will be warm. Put a blanket over the top of the wheat bag or take it to bed and the heat will last at least double this time.


Why are wheat bags better than hot water bottles?

Unlike a hot water bottle, wheat bags mould to the contours of your body - this allows the heat to penetrate quicker and deeper. Your body heat is also absorbed by the wheat bag, which stops it from going cold, so you never wake up in the morning to a cold wheat bag


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 BS 8433: 2004 Microwaveable personal warmers.

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