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Wheat Bags - Pain relief
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Wheat Bags Do's & Donts and full instruction guides.

DO expect some moisture from the wheat bag, especially when new

DO fully read the manufacturers' instructions fully before you use your heat pack, and store in a safe place so you can refer to them later.

DO allow your heat pack to cool fully and return to room temperature before re-heating.

DO not extend the manufactures maximum heating time.

DO always follow the manufacturers' instructions (and your microwave manufacturer’s instructions too).

DO adjust your microwave oven to the correct power level.

 DO distribute the filling evenly within the bag before heating. Give your bag a good shake before use

DO stay close to the microwave oven and monitor the heating.  

DO make sure that heating is done by an adult.

DO store in a cool, dry place, away from foodstuffs and


DON'T Overheat your heat pack.

DONT Leave your wheat bag unattended in the microwave

DON'T heat longer than the manufacturers' maximum heating time for your ovens power rating.

DON'T get your heat pack wet

DON'T use a wheat bag if the user is confused 


If you lose or misplace your  instructions for your heat pack, email us at


And we will be happy to send you out another copy by post or e mail

Your wheat bag  is perfectly safe if used to the manufacturers  instructions - below are a few simple do's and donts about wheat bags

Instructions for use for  a

600 - 800grm wheatbag in a

750 watt microwave oven



Instructions for use

Firstly if your wehat bag has a fleecy outer cover then please remove 


Place your wheat bag in the microwave on medium temperature for up to 90 seconds.

Please be aware that microwaves may vary in power rating our guide is based

on a 750 microwave on medium power level


When used first time the bags may appear a little damp this is just normal as moisture from the wheat is released.


The wheat bag will remain at a comfortable heat for up to an hour and can be re heated as you  like.

Please allow your wheat bag to cool fully between uses.


If product is heated too hot it could burn.

Always keep dry.


Your wheat bag can also be heated simply by placing on the radiator.

For a cold compression place in a plastic bag and place in the freezer ideally for at least two hours.



Please note this item must not be used as a replacement for a hot water bottle. Please do not heat and place under bed covers as it may combust.  These items are for therapeutic use only to ease tired aching muscles and relieve stress and tension.

Only buy from a reputable manufacturer, preferably in the UK and ones that supply their name and address on all correspondence including their web site.

Only buy a wheat bag that is BS8433 British Safety Standards compliant.

Follow the instructions very carefully and do not use heat bags without instructions.

Only reheat your wheat bag from room temperature and never while still warm.

Never fold your bag in half when heating.
Avoid food contamination from your microwave as this can create hotspots.

Ensure your microwave turntable can rotate freely when heating.