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Pet Wheat Bag


Keep your pet warm this Winter and place a wheat bag in his or her basket.Double stitched for extra durability the wheat bag has four separate pockets individually sewn to keep the wheat bag flat and radiate heat better. With removable washable grey fleecy cover.  Measures aprox 30cms x 30cms



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Simply heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes - pop into fleecy cover and place in Pets Basket / Bed

30cms x 30 cms



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Dear wheatbagsrus.


Hi, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the wheat bags, they are brilliant! We have a very timid little cat who 'adopted' us nearly 4 years ago. She turned up one day in a bit of a state and hasn't left since!! She lives outside . . . my husband built her a lovely little house/hut as she refuses to come into our house, preferring to stay outdoors. This is great during the warmer months, but in Winter, we have been struggling with hot water bottles under her blankets to keep her warm. These often leak and go extremely cold. The wheat bags are fantastic! We bought 2 so that one is warming on the radiator and we change them a few times each day. Even when the teperatures dipped to minus 8, the wheat bags kept her warm. No more leaky, cold bottles!! It was great to find unscented bags too . . . purr-fect infact! Thanks again, 

 Elaine . . . and a very appreciative little cat!!


weighs aprox 800 grms



Price only £5.99


 BS 8433: 2004 Microwaveable personal warmers.

ref PW1





Note please dont cover with existing bedding or blankets as the wheat bag needs to radiate its heat. Place in basket to heat existing bed or blanket. Do not cover the wheat bag.