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Wheat Bag specifically designed and sewn into 4 sections to radiate heat  evenly around the neck & shoulders 



The neck and the back are the most common areas of the body that are prone to stiffness and accumulated tension. Continuous build up of stress and tension in the neck and shoulder region lead to stiff necks, aching shoulders and headaches .Desk jobs, long working hours and incorrect sitting position may all add to a discomforting neck and shoulder.

A Neck and Shoulder  Wheat bag  from wheatbagsrus has been specially designed  to relieve the tension and stress around the neck and shoulder area.




 This organic wheat filled  neck comforter  in soft blue  fleece is especially designed for aching necks and  tired shoulders.

                   The Neck / Shoulder Wheat Bag has been designed to fit comfortably around the neck and shoulder areas 

        a sure way of soothing aches and pains, rheumatism, arthritis, migraines, bruising, sports injuries, menstrual pains, stress & tension.


The inner wheat bag is specially designed  with three separate compartments to radiate heat evenly  in the neck and shoulder areas



Containing organic cleaned kiln dried wheat 

 The wheat bag  is aroma free  but can be scented with lavender upon request.

simply place the inner wheat bag in the microwave for up to 2 mins then place back in the fleece cover sit back and relax.

Inner wheat bag is designed from Skopos 100% cotton fire retardant material

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One in eight people suffer from recurring headaches that are so severe they cannot carry out normal living! An estimated 80% of all headaches occur from muscle tension


excellent for preventing tension headaches. People who hold their tension in the neck and shoulders get a lot of headaches because the tension actually pulls down on the scalp..by wearing this as often as possible, daily, you can actually PREVENT the cause of the headache in the first place...and, literally, save yourself a headache!



Available in 4 Colours

Available in 4 Colours


Stiff Neck Pain Causes
The common  causes are muscle strain or a pull. Many activities or habits can be blamed for a stiff neck pain problem. Such activities include bending over the desk for hours, poor posture while watching TV or the computer screen, or while reading is another common reason. Habits like sleeping in an uncomfortable position or turning and twisting your neck in a jolting manner can also result into a stiff neck.

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Just heat in the microwave oven for 90 seconds for up to two hours of penetrating comforting heat.





Available in 4 colours


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.Shoulder blade or scapula is a triangular bone which has ridges on its ventral surfaces.

The tendons at these ridges provide for the attachment of shoulder blade bone to the muscles. Mainly, the inflammation of these tendons leads to pain behind shoulder blade.


 BS 8433: 2004 Microwaveable personal warmers.

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